One mustn’t stop
1984-1987 The world should be good

The world should be good

“…Yes, you’ve got to feel for the times, and think for the times, and be armored with contemporary means. But to be unintelligible in this effort also makes you outdated. Afterwards, everyone has his duration. When you begin and hit something now, you’re a boy again. When you hit something, having already grown up, then you’ve got to do so masterfully. Then your new searches will yield fruit. But we begin like that at twenty-five, and so proclaim until old age in our schoolboy nihilism. Novelty and mastery (let it be new, if only it’s still mastery) should live in friendship…”
In March 1984, Anatoly Efros was named the chief director of Theatre on Taganka.
In December 1984, he staged “The Lower Depths,” by M. Gorky.
In 1985: “War's Unwomanly Face,” by S. Alexeivich; “The Cherry Orchard” (revival), “A Lovely Sunday for a Picnic,” by T. Williams. In this year, the publisher “Iskusstvo” released the book “The Continuation of the Theatrical Story.”
In 1986, he staged “One-and-a-Half Square Meters,” by B. Mozhayev, and “The Misanthrope,” by Molière.
“…Philosophy is simple: a person should live well, he should love life, he should get enjoyment from it. At any rate, he shouldn’t feel disgust towards it because of thousands of inconveniences of one or another characteristic…”
On 13th January 1987, Anatoly Vasiliyevich Efros passed away. 

“…For some reason, people always ridiculed me for the reinterpretation of the classics. Actually I’m studying to understand them, to make sense of their structure and composition. The point is to understand the beautiful, and not to introduce to it god-knows-what. The world should be good – this is Shakespeare's enduring thought. We’ve forgotten how to be happy and play. In “The Tempest,” Shakespeare teaches us this. And from the fact that it’s hard to teach this, a shadow of sadness hangs over the play…" 

In Theatre

Napoleon The First 1983, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street
The Theatre Director 1984, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street
War’s Unwomanly Face 1985, Moscow Theatre of Drama and Comedy on Taganka
The lower depths 1985, Taganka Theatre
Misanthrope 1986, Taganka Theatre


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One mustn’t stop
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