Dmitrieva Antonina

Dmitrieva Antonina

An actor should be able to feel. In one play, a woman comes to a children’s home in order to adopt a child. The woman’s personality was absurd, like something Mironova would have invented for herself in a variety show.
This woman in the play couldn’t have children of her own, and although she herself was quite cantankerous, the underlying motivation of the scene remained dramatic. When the exchange of the child in the children’s home was held up, one ought to lay bare not just the funny, but the bitter side of the proceedings. Our actress Antonina Dmitrieva is able to understand such things, and therefore this scene didn’t lose that drama and still remained funny. And out of an “inability to feel” in that way, other actors often remain superficial. 

In Theatre

Wedding Day 1964, Lenin’s Komsomol Theatre
The Seagull 1966, Lenin’s Komsomol Theatre
Brother Alyosha 1972, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street
The Situation 1973, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street



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