Dvoretsky Ignati

Dvoretsky Ignati

“His rapprochment with Anatoly Efros at first, perhaps, seemed temporary and forced; but then, after “Man on the Side,” “Veranda in the Forest” followed, and then “Director of the Theatre,” Efros’ final work in the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. And “Members of the Cactus Community” – Anatoly Vasiliyevich already wanted to stage that play at Taganka. But he wasn’t able to.
No, not even under extreme circumstances Efros would never have turned to a traditional “producing" playwright. In Dvoretskiy, he felt not just validity, soundness, and an unbiased experience of life, but a latent lyricism which shone through in his plays.
Nothing here was forced. They just found each other. Ignat – who had seen and survived much, and would have died standing up for himself – was emotionally vulnerable and scrupulously faithful in friendship. In “Director of the Theatre,” they – Dvoretskiy and Efros – recounted how painful, dramatic, and altogether human intimacies form the basis of existence with such exposed piercingness, through which you could sense the foreshadowing of the end.”
K. Shcherbakov 

In Theatre

The Veranda in the Woods 1978, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street
The Theatre Director 1984, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street


Art to understand art 1967 - 1977


Durov Lev
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