Efremov Oleg

Efremov Oleg

It was very interesting to work with Oleg Efremov, but it always came to blows. As with many talented people, he accepted the creative proposals of others only with some difficulty. While I was directing “Good Luck!” at the Central Children’s Theatre, we occasionally fought for all four hours of rehearsal. The remaining actors, not even having started rehearsing, left for home, and when they came back in the evening for the show, they found us, standing in the exact same position and continuing our fight.
The success of “Good Luck!” in those long months was, for me, clouded by the remains of those endless fights. But they were very real, not empty fights. Now, I occasionally even get bored without them. We often fought it out to the bitter end. At the beginning, I stated my point of view, and then Efremov would challenge it. I bided my time, while he went entirely to pieces, and then continued to defend my position. He stepped back, while I screamed and raved, but then in his own turn tore into me. And in spite of all this, I would even now agree to work with him. I’d show him! 

In Theatre

Good Luck! 1954, Central Children’s Theatre
No one 1958, Sovremennik



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