Krymov Dmitry

Krymov Dmitry

…For my production of “Othello,” my son was the designer. We would repaint something in white, then in black; do less, get rid of it, and then do more – and so on for eternity. When you’re working, let’s say, with Levental, you don’t get to see the process. You come to the studio one a week and chat for half an hour, but you never see what gets created in the interim. This work, however, went all day. We know that there should be a bench, on which the dramatis personae will sit. But it’s not easy to find which bench. We flipped through a multitude of books, so as to set out from some extant thing, and then afterwards create our own. And we finally came up with something! The model peacefully sat on the table until the morning, and then in the morning, in the light of a new day, we broke everything again. 

In Theatre

Summer and Smoke 1980, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street
Reminiscence 1981, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street
Misanthrope 1986, Taganka Theatre



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