Krymova Natalia

Krymova Natalia

He and I had this habit. More like a custom, a law. On all of our note and letters to each other stood this marking: “/.//.//.” Both in peaceful notes and in less-peaceful ones (we also fought) – but all the same, “/.//.//.” It meant as follows: “I-love-you.” It was from the first day of our friendship. When one of us felt bad, the other would tap out on the table: “I love you” or drew on the table – five times, five taps. Or raised a hand, invisible to those around – 5 fingers. We probably didn’t realized then that Masha and Vershinin in “Three Sisters” must have looked exactly the same. Although maybe Tolya thought about that, when he directed his own “Three Sisters.” The sign was very necessary to us, a savior for all of life's situations. You can say “/.//.//.” or show it, and then you can live on…

N. Krymova 



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