Kurihara Komaki

Kurihara Komaki

My greatest impression from Japan was, of course, Komaki. If angels lived on earth, she would be one of them.

People recognize her on the street, in cafes. They ask her for her autograph. She wears big dark glasses so that people don’t pay attention to her. In a word, like I’ve said more than once already, they love her there. But how to stay an angel under those conditions – that’s the hard part. Not to simply appear as an angel, but to be one. How to be so quiet, shy, and delicate while being a “star.”

She’s absolutely unspoiled. How is it possible? How she arrives to rehearsal. How she changes into her rehearsal clothes. Where she sits. How she behaves with her scene partners. All of this is beyond description. Or maybe it’s the other way around – every single one of her gestures is worthy of description. But it’s not conscious, thought-out behavior – it’s natural. Sometimes she feels worse, sometimes better, but it’s all expressed so remarkably. Sometimes she’s a little stubborn – but oh, how she expresses it!

In Theatre

Natasha 1982, Toen Theatre. Tokyo, Japan


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