Levental Valery

Levental Valery

I went to meet Levental at the airport. Before me is a massive airfield and an even greater expanse of sky. All of a sudden, out of the blue appears a dark dot, which becomes a huge airplane in a matter of seconds. I didn’t manage to see the plane land – more likely than not, it was still flying – but I turned my head, and it already looked like there was some children’s toy bounding down the runway.
Out of nowhere, another toy appeared in front of it, fifty times smaller than it – a little car, leading the plane to where it was to stop. Before long, a funny little staircase pulled up to that spot. Then a narrow crack opened up in the plane, and little ants poured out of the crack. I recognized Levental in one of those ants.
…When stagehands were loading our design in at the Taganka, they cursed me and Levental. The thing weighed a ton. "What is it made of, concrete?" And then, after one stagehand spent fifteen minutes stretching out a plastic tarp – it was all in place. 

In Theatre

The cherry orchard 1975, Taganka Theatre
The Road 1979, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street

Other Life


Kurihara Komaki
Lyubshin Stanislav
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