Mironov Andrey

Mironov Andrey

How good it is, after a difficult rehearsal in the theatre, to wait, knowing that Andrey Mironov will come to visit you at home in the evening (perhaps also coming from such difficult business in his own theatre) and that we would begin tearing apart Radzinsky’s Don Juan together.
Nemirovich believed that these “intimate" rehearsals were necessary for the actor. But where do you find an actor today who would consider them necessary for himself? Mironov was no less busy than others, and a good deal more popular than most. But he left all this busyness and popularity at the door. No sign of a hurry whatsoever.

If only he knew how thankful I was for his for his patience, his trusting and intelligent eyes, and his readiness to search for something and discuss it together. 

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