Radzinsky Edvard

Radzinsky Edvard

Edvard Stanislavovich Radzinsky was born in Moscow in 1936, into the family of the famous playwright and screenwriter Stanislav Adolfovich and Sofiya Yulievna Radzinskiy. The later-popular historian’s childhood was without particular excess – successful studies in school, sports practice. The boy was separated from his peers by an obstinate drive to always be first in everything, not stopping for difficulties.

His intellect developed ahead of its time, helped by his relationship with his father, a typical specimen of the old Russian intelligentsia. Stanislav Adolfovich received a brilliant education, ultimately commanded several foreign languages, and was able to inculcate in his son high moral principles, over which neither time nor regime change had any sway. His father’s literary position also influenced Edward’s creative aspirations – the boy began writing early, and when he turned 16, the first of his works was published.

In Theatre

104 Pages about Love 1964, Lenin’s Komsomol Theatre
The Seagull 1966, Lenin’s Komsomol Theatre
Kolobashkin the Seducer 1968, Moscow Drama Theatre



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