Sayfulin Gennady

Sayfulin Gennady

Born on 23 February, 1941 in Moscow.
He graduated from the studio of the Central Children’s Theatre. From 1961, he worked as an actor in the Central Children’s Theatre; from 1963, in the Lenkom Theatre; and from 1967, in the Moscow Drama Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya.
He has worked in film from 1955 onward. The first work featuring the 14-year-old Gennadiy Saifulin was “Smoke in the Forest," a short art film based on a story by A. Gaidar, done as a diploma film by Evgeniy Karelov and Yuriy Chulyukin. First shown at VGIK, the film came out in 1955, and after their diploma defense, its creators were brought onto the staff of "Mosfilm" as directors. 

In Theatre

My friend Kolka! 1959, Central children's theatre
Everyone Gets What He Deserves 1965, Lenin’s Komsomol Theatre
The Outsider 1971, oscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Stree
Brother Alyosha 1972, Moscow Dramatic Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street


Other Life


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