Shakh-Azizov Konstantin

Shakh-Azizov Konstantin

For many years I worked in the Central Children’s Theatre. K.Y. Shakh-Azizov invited me, Maria Osipovna Knebel was already working there, and for several years the overall atmosphere turned out beautiful. At any rate, that’s how I felt. Not long ago, upon stumbling into the rehearsal room where we once rehearsed “Good Luck!” and “Boris Godunov," I was amazed. The room seemed small to me, like everything that once seemed large when I was younger. On the walls hung portraits of completely unknown actors. Only now and again did a friendly face come up. Shakh-Azizov, the theatre’s director, had left the land of the living long ago. His secretary, Anna Evseevna, was also gone. It seemed that without Anna Evseevna, the theatre couldn’t exist.
Every theatre has its golden era. And that time in the Central Children’s Theatre really was golden.

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