Stanislavski Konstantin

Stanislavski Konstantin

What was Stanislavski in his old age? Maria Osipovna Knebel recounted that one day, having been called by him to Leontyevskiy, she went into his office and found nobody there. And then saw, how that massive, seriously-aged man got up from under the table.

“I was searching for the essence of the mouse,” he explained confusedly. 
We were amused by such stories; laughed, turned them into beloved stories. Now I’m thinking – how good that we even got to hear them! And if we were to speak seriously, then today I don’t know who of us at such a sturdy age would be so able-bodied, left alone with ourselves and searching under the table for the essence of a mouse, or some other essence that needed confirming. And how many of our discoveries would remain unconfirmed!

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