Zavadsky Yuri

Zavadsky Yuri

I studied, once upon a time, in the studio at the Mossoviet theatre and tried to organize more-or-less my own theatre within that studio. One day there was a meeting where Yuriy Zavadskiy showed up. He explained that it was good to have your own theatre, but that it might still be early for us. I had a little bit of a fit: I started to yell at Zavadskiy with a terrible voice, hands waving. When I snapped out of it, the room was empty and someone had brought me a glass of water. For three days, everyone assured me that I was fired. My audacity knew no bounds, but I was all but a second-year student. The directorate tiptoed around me as though I were a leper. On the third day, during “The Seagull,” I was barking in the wings, playing the dog that annoys Sorin. Everyone remembers, of course, that part with the dog. So there I was, playing that same barking dog. I stood in a little narrow crawlspace in front of a tiny door leading to the stage, when the door opened and Zavadskiy entered from the stage on the way to his office. Seeing me, he started laughing, and, waiting until I finished barking, said something kindly about the whole affair. Good-naturedness does mean something, after all…

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The rest is silence 1969, Mossovet Theatre Moscow


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